Len-Lex at "Stream of Caverns", Israel
(photo by А.Levitin)

About Len-Lex and the website

As a couple, we appeared in 2007, on a sunny Cyprus island. Long and unordinary road led us there but it is another story for a special narration. In 2008, when recovered from wedding flurry and bureaucracy, we devoted ourselves to our dreams: travelling, diving and photography. Thereupon, we were qualified as Master Scuba Divers in diving, travelled around and made many pictures above and under water. Travelling overviews, stories about marine inhabitants and much more, we published in our journal Len_Lex (in Russian). Quite soon we got a desire of having something more reliable and personal than free Internet resources. That gave us the idea of constructing this private website. It's the very first version of our website, which means that it doesn't have much stuff yet but we are going to enrich it and broaden its facilities. We have huge plans for the future: there's a lot to learn, a lot where to travel. The most interesting things we will publish here, on our website. Stay with us!

The picture on the top

This colorful sunset was photographed by Lex on Tao Island back in 2006 using the old good Canon S3 IS. The photo was taken from Tao’s main pier, when Lex came back from another day of exceptional diving around the island.

The equipment we use

Initially, Len was taking pictures with Nikon P4 and Lex used Canon S3 IS. We still use them underwater just adding Ikelite housings. In 2009, Lex used reflex camera Canon 50D with 3 lenses: Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and Sigma 100-300mm f/4 EX DG HSM. In 2010, Lex upgraded his camera to Canon 7D and Len started to use Canon 50D. Some extra lenses are planned to be bought next. In addition, we want to change underwater housings in order to use reflex camera underwater too.

Buying the photos

If you want, you can always purchase our pictures for your home or office, or get nonexclusive right for further use of pictures wherever you want (with mentioning the author).

Legal notice

Content of this website is an intellectual property of Elena and Alexei Petranovski and is protected by copyright law. Copying, printing, distributing and other forms of usage, except personal viewing, is prohibited, if not specially allowed by the authors.


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